Traffic Calming Picks Up Speed

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traffic calming meetingResidents Show Support for Traffic Calming Measures

Over a year ago, we started conversations in our community about traffic calming and quickly discovered that many people wanted to see traffic slow down along Saxony Road and Quail Gardens Drive.

Our early efforts produced some immediate results that we can all take pride in today:

  • Flashing speed beacons on both streets alerting drivers to their speeds,
  • a 25 mph Senior Zone along Saxony in front of the Seaview Village retirement community,
  • a 25 mph School Zone along Quail Gardens in front of the EUSD Farm Lab,
  • a new pedestrian crossing with flashing lights and warning signs across Quail Gardens Drive at Ecke Ranch Road, and
  • a crosswalk with flashing lights and warning signs across Saxony Road near Seacrest Way, which should be complete before the end of July.

In April, we held two traffic calming workshops for neighbors and collected excellent feedback on potential traffic calming solutions for both roads. Our traffic consultants developed recommendations based on the community’s input and, during an information meeting in May, we shared the results.

For Quail Gardens Drive, our traffic consultants recommended the following improvements at various intersections based on the community’s input: all-way stops with crosswalks, raised crosswalks and roundabouts.

The Saxony Road improvements included everything from restriping to raised crosswalks to landscaped choke points, decomposed granite trail and various roundabouts.

We asked the community to rate the recommended traffic calming measures. Respondents were overwhelmingly supportive of the majority of the proposed measures.

As one resident put it:

“The safety of our families will be improved by slowing down the cars. I feel this project will also further develop the community feel among residents. “

In June, we took our recommendations and community feedback to the City of Encinitas engineering and traffic departments where the ideas were also well received. Over the summer, our traffic consultants will be working on the recommended plan making minor adjustments.

We intend to present to City Council this fall and will be sure to share the date for that meeting once it is known.

To all of our neighbors who have invested their time and energy in this project, we extend our deep appreciation and look forward to more conversations that help us grow together. We will be in touch as soon as we know the date for the City Council meeting so that you have plenty of time to plan to be there and participate.


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