What is E3 Cluster?

E3 is a group of neighborhood organizations collaborating to serve our community by providing health and wellness opportunities and sustainability education for people of all ages.

Who is involved in E3 Cluster?

The group comprises seven nonprofit partners: Coastal Roots Farm, Encinitas Union School District/Farm Lab, Leichtag Foundation, Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Seacrest Village Retirement Communities, Heritage Ranch, and San Diego Botanic Garden.

Where are the E3 Cluster and its partner organizations based?

E3 partner organizations are located on Saxony Road and Quail Gardens Drive, between Encinitas Boulevard to the south and Leucadia Boulevard to the north.

What type of projects does E3 Cluster support?

The common purpose amongst all E3 partner organizations is enriching the neighborhood and bettering the lives of those in our community. E3 is focused on developing educational, experiential learning and multigenerational programs around the nexus of agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, science, sustainability, community building, health and wellness, and the local history and agricultural traditions of Encinitas.

What projects has E3 Cluster focused on in the past?

Traffic calming has been an issue that residents and the City of Encinitas have been discussing for a long time and fit with E3’s vision of engaging on issues to achieve a common goal for the neighborhood’s collective benefit. As such, E3 has been focused on traffic calming within a limited stretch of Saxony Rd. and Quail Gardens Dr.

After talking with neighbors and working with the City, E3 developed a plan including recommendations for crosswalks, supporting signs and traffic calming implements.

It was presented to the Encinitas Traffic & Public Safety Commission and the Encinitas City Council over several months beginning in the fall of 2014, with final approval of the following projects by February 2015:

  • A crosswalk, flashing speed beacon and 25 mph School Zone with warning signs and speed monitors on Quail Gardens Dr. at Ecke Ranch Road
  • A crosswalk with, flashing speed beacon and a 25 mph Senior Zone with warning signs and speed monitors by the YMCA and Seacrest Village Retirement facility on Saxony Rd.

The City Council appropriated $120,000 for the projects. E3 partners the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Seacrest Retirement Village and Leichtag Foundation collectively committed $40,000 toward the project to insure safer roads in the neighborhood.

What current projects is E3 Cluster working on?

For the most current update on plans and projects, visit our E3 projects page.

How do I get involved with E3 Cluster?

Visit our Events page to see upcoming opportunities to engage with E3 and participate in current projects. For questions regarding these events and how you can get involved, send a note through our Contact Us form or drop an email to E.Three.Coordinator@gmail.com.

Will E3 Cluster be involved in all community issues?

E3 is aware that there are many issues that are very important to our fellow neighbors, but the scope of its involvements remain focused on achieving its shared goals.

If you have additional questions or would like to provide thoughts and comments outside of planned community engagement events, send a note through our Contact Us form or drop an email to E.Three.Coordinator@gmail.com.